Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Our Christmas was simply WONDERFUL this year! My Christmas day was spent with my Mom, Step-dad and Step-brother. We opened just a few presents, played some Wii, had a big breakfast, and went to see Sherlock Holmes. Which was pretty good I might add, but a little too long for my taste. After the movie I headed up to the Fire Station to have Christmas dinner with the boy and our department family :) Yum yum! We had our actual Christmas on the 26th because by then Ed was off shift, and my little brother had joined us :) We opened lots of presents
(being on a budget I got Ed a few things including a hand made by me apron!)

(Not being on as much of a budget, the boy got me a Wii!)
We had a HUGE breakfast, and spent the whole day at my parents house hanging out and not doing much of anything except relaxing! We played a lot of Wii with the family, while being entertained by my brother playing with his new guitar
and then had a great big dinner

and lots of yummy dessert. Including my yummy cheesecake, and mom's Twinkie cake (it's just what it's called... a big cake that tastes just like a Twinkie!) and Pecan pie.

For the first time since we've been together, we only had to go to 1 house! We went and visited my dad's side of the family on Christmas Eve, and Ed's family was in Georgia for the holidays. While we missed them, we sure didn't miss having to hop around and eat a million times. Our Christmas day was everything that Christmas should be. A nice and relaxing day with loved ones. And of course some pictures in front of the tree! With my mom and step-dad modeling all their new Dolphin stuff of course!
(isn't the snowman Dol-fan the cutest?!?!?! I got it for them, hehehe!)
I hope yours was just as nice :)