Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is my puppy really growing?

My IRL and bloggy friend Jess stopped by yesterday to show me her new truck... and we got to talkin' about my puppy dog and how much better behaved she is getting. Jess also commented that she looks bigger. Now, I see my dog every day, so she doesn't really seem like she's gotten bigger to me, but looking back on pictures sometimes I notice that she has grown a tad. I told Jess that when I was comparing our Family Christmas Picture from last year, to this years, I thought Zoey's head looked bigger. We got her a few weeks before Christmas last year, and she was just a few months old and only about 24 pounds. Now she is over a year old, and 40 pounds. So, here is your requested photo Jess.... What do ya'll think?

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009

Now I know this years is a closer shot, but don't you think her head is a little bigger?
(yes, we have to practically choke her to get her to look at the camera and sit