Monday, December 14, 2009

Mutt Monday!

The results are in!!!

Well, actually, they've been in... but I've been a slacker lately, remember?

You won't believe it anyway. We didn't. We don't. Ed wants a re-do.

Apparently... My Zoey Monster is a Rottweiler/Chow chow/Borzoi. See? told ya you wouldn't believe it. In fact, they tell me that she is MOSTLY Rottweiler. Does this look like a Rottweiler to you!?!?!?!
I mean, I've heard from the vet and from sites online that you could be completely shocked with results, and that your dog might not resemble what they are mixed with at all... but these results are nuts! I do have to admit that some of the descriptions of SOME of the breeds do somewhat resemble her behavior. But that's about it...

The test rates each breed on a level 1-5.

Level 1 - over 75% of the DNA is from that breed
Level 2 - 37-74%
Level 3 - 20-36%
Level 4 - 10-19%
Level 5 - less than 10%

Zoey came back as being..
Level 2 - Rottweiler
(Calm and reliable, devoted to their family, extremely protective. Must be firmly trained or may become aggressive. Natural guard dogs. Highly intelligent and hard working. Can be aggressive toward other dogs) fyi... Zoey has NEVER shown aggression towards anything.

Level 3 - Chow chow
(Innate sense of dignity, may seem aloof and detached. May be restrained with their affections and are very independent. Usually well mannered but can be protective and suspicious of strangers. Can learn, but do not have a desire to please their owners, and must see the point of commands given. May be self-willed to the point of obstinate.) She sure can be a GOOF, and obstinate, but she is totally attached.

Level 4 - Borzoi
(Sweet and intelligent, extremely loyal. Affectionate to people that they know well, but free thinking and less willing to please their owners than other breeds. Quiet, rarely bark. Very quick, have no territorial instinct, should not be trusted off leash. Will chase small animals.) She's the fastest dog I've ever seen, she hardly ever barks, she has ADHD and will chase anything that moves, doesn't seem to care what I think, and is sweet as sugar. Maybe our results came in backwards?????


  1. I just saw this the other day on another blog! Seriously, that is so crazy that they can do that! Your dog is adorable!!!!!!!!

  2. well, I vote for the whole backwards thingy...makes the most sense, that's for sure!

  3. That's crazy...she really doesn't but I guess she is.. :)

  4. I should do that for my dog too!

    I sent your box yesterday ;-)

  5. I really want to do that. How fun! How much did it cost?

  6. Maybe you just did a good job parenting and brought out all her best qualities! :)

  7. Oh how fun!!! Now I want to get my puppies tested too :0)