Thursday, December 31, 2009

My little trouble-maker

My Zoey monster is causing trouble in the neighborhood these days with her hot little booty. She walks out front, and all the neighborhood boys start barking, she walks out back and all the boys come runnin' so fast that they cause bicycle accidents! Yup, that's right, my little girl caused a bike accident right behind our house! You see... our back yard backs up to a street in a neighborhood behind us. People frequently walk/ride bikes/rollerblade/etc down this road and lots of people bring their dogs on these journeys. Well, being that the weather has been so nice, I've had my sliding glass door open and I let Miss Zoey come and go as she pleases. I almost witnessed a catastrophy the other night when someone was bicycling with a dog and the dog almost trotted in front of the bike because it was staring so hard at Miss Zoey. That was an almost... but yesterday... yesterday WASN'T an almost. It WAS a catastrophy. This lady and an older lady were biking down the road, and apparently a neighborhood dog had decided to join them. It wasn't theirs, and it wasn't on a leash.... So when they went past our house, Zoey ran out to see what was up and strut her stuff and the dog darted in front of the older lady and she fell over!!!! I felt SO bad. They didn't speak good english, but I asked if she was okay, and if there was anything I could do... I told them I would walk a bike back for them... or let them leave them in back and come back and get them or something... but eventually she pulled herself together and decided to give it a shot and they rode away. In a way, I felt bad, but at the same time, it's my yard, and I can let my dog run free in my fenced yard if I want. She wasn't doing anything.. she can't help that the boys can't keep their eyes off her cute little booty!


  1. OMGosh, the sass in that photo says EVERYTHING there is to say about your little Zoey Monster! Adorable!