Saturday, January 9, 2010

Food Network Junkies!

Last night my friends and I had a girls night in. We went and got some groceries, cooked up some quesadilla's, drank some wine, and watched Julie and Julia. The movie was cute, but it didn't really seem to gather our complete and total attention because we all kept bustin' out with random comments which prompted mini conversations, lol. In one of them, we all started talkin' about our favorite Food Network personalities, and I realized - I'm not the only Food Network Junkie!!! My tv is probably on Food Network more than any of the 800 other channels. REALLY. I put it on when I'm doing homework, or laundry, or cooking, or whatever! It's also my fall back channel. If there are no shows on that I really and truly wanna watch, I'll just flip on some Food Network for entertainment. It doesn't even matter if I've seen it before.

My fav's...

And for the record, I can't STAND....

So, who are your fav's? And who can't you stand?


  1. its my fall-back channel too!! I love the challenges.....:)

  2. I loooovvvee Guy, Alton, and Paula. And actually, I really love the Barefoot Contessa show :)

    I loathe, loathe, loathe Sandra Lee and Rachel Ray. So annoying!

  3. Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives w/ Guy is my favorite!! I swear it comes on at just the time of night where I think, "NO! I can't eat something right now!" I cannot stand Sandra Lee or Barefoot Contessa!! Alton is a goodie and I like the show they've started of World's Worst Cook or something like that with the spikey blonde!

  4. I dont know how to cook that well so I hardly watch it but maybe I should

  5. i LOOOOOVE the food network. i hate that ellie krieger girl...and gina neely. i love pat...but gina is annoying. and i can't stand aida mollencamp.

    and my grandmother loathes the barefoot contessa too!!

  6. I watch Food Network 24/7. I just love it!! Rachael Ray is my absolute fave following closely by the Neely's (though I too think Gina is a bit annoying) and the Paula! I really can't stand Sandra Lee or Ina, but the rest are pretty tolerable!