Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love me some Capricorns!

Coincidentally, most of my best friends and I are ALL Capricorns. Cool, huh?

Lots of Capricorns makes for a busy January though!

Cilla's birthday comes first... back in December.

(Priscilla and I at Jenn's)

Then comes mine, which was last Tuesday. Unfortunately, Ed was on shift, and I not only had a test ON my birthday this year, I had the week from hell at school with 3 tests and a report due within 4 days. Yay me... (no worries, I passed...) So needless to say, I didn't celebrate until Saturday. I had a GREAT birthday though! My mom and step-dad took me out to dinner on my actual birthday... and then on Saturday, we had a little party at the house.
(mini photo recap to come - stay tuned!)

Sunday was Jenn's birthday, so we went out to HER house for a party....

Birthday girl!
Jenn and Jess playin' some Beer pong :)
The boy and I

And then yesterday was Jess's Birthday.


Since Jess's birthday fell in the middle of the week also, we are celebrating her birthday Tomorrow night!!
Pictures to follow, I'm sure....



  1. Yay! for Capricorns, I'm one too!

    The whole being grown up and not having the luxury of not having to do anything on your birthday is something I'll never get used to!

  2. im tired from this post now lol

  3. What fun..I saw the beer pong pics on Jess' blog! :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    This is somewhat funny to me that you live in Florida and have all these January birthdays. A friend/cousin (kind of) of mine who lives in Florida was just saying they had 11 birthday parties this month! I couldn't believe it because we literally do not have one single Janary birthday in my family!

    I'm thinking it must be a Florida thing. Must be the only thing to do in April in Florida is to mate:)

  5. oh my goodness woman! you must spend a small fortune on all of those birthdays! but happy be-lated birthday!!! i LOVE celebrating b-days!!