Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm gonna DIE!

Well no, not really.... not yet anyway.... but the day is still young!!!!! This weekend is starting off WIERD!

Let me start out by saying that crime down here is pretty ridiculous these days. Like the 4th or 5th person I know of got robbed yesterday. It's so sad! Every morning when I read the newspaper, most of it is in reference to a burglary and it disgusts me that the world is coming to this. Pretty soon it's going to be so frequent you won't even hear about it in the news because it will be so normal. GRRRR.

So my wierdness started last night. At like 10 I decided to run up to CVS. So when I get there, there are a bunch of cop cars in the lot and a bunch of them just hanging out. It didnt look too unusual (there is a Dunkin Donuts in the plaza after all....) So I go to walk in, and a cop walks out in like full gear and then the lady inside looks at me and motions that they are closed. K.... coulda swore they were 24 hr. Oh well... I go accross the street to Walgreens that I KNOW for sure is 24hr. Everytime I walked down an isle, an employee would come up like right behind me and start fiddling with stuff on the shelves. Now, I'm sure that they were just making sure I wasn't stealing something (I dunno why I looked suspicious), but they were like making me feel creepy because they were so close. And their uniforms are not obvious, and I didnt like it. So whatever, nothing too drastic last night, nothing happened, it just made me feel wierd. And oddly enough I finished off the night by staying up late watching an eerie movie, The Skeleton Key. 

So since I stayed up late last night... I slept in this morning. Ed left early for work, and I was out cold. At like 10:30, someone knocks on my door. My thoughts - Am I expecting visitors? No... Do I care enough to get out of bed and look? No.... Anyone who I care about that would stop by would call if I didnt answer. Is my phone ringing? No.... ok, who cares. Then Zoey does a wierd bark like she sees something, not just hears something. (Yes, I'm one of those mom's... you know how your kid has different cries? Mine has different barks. She's like Lassie). Ok, time to get up. Not that I really worry all the much. Ed works for an alarm company, so as you can imagine, my house is like Fort Knox, no kidding. Anyway, it's nothing, nobody there anymore, whatever. However... my house smells like gasoline. great...... I walk out in the garage and the stench almost knocks me over! Ed was working on the carbuerator on the 4 wheeler last night, and apparently he didnt fix it because there was a huge puddle of gas in my garage. Great. I'm gonna die. The fumes had seeped into the a/c intake and spread throughout my house. I text Ed and he says "oops, I'm sorry, I thought I smelled something this morning". lol..... thanks for checking it out babe!!!!! So luckily it's nice and cool and breezy out today. It's actually pretty gross looking, but not raining yet so I shut off the air and opened everything up to air it out a bit. Hopefully by the time it starts raining it wont stink in here anymore. 

So... my wierdness doesnt stop there! I go outside with the puppy, and on the way back, I see a big ol' snake on the side of my house! It's like a 3 ft gray racer. Check this baby out! Hopefully it's the last of my wierdness for the day, AND the weekend. I'll keep you posted!

 Oh, and I was able to figure out who knocked on my door. Jehovah's Witnesses....  AND it's raining now... :-/


  1. That's just too weird...hope your day has gotten better...and all the gas smell is gone...

  2. lol it was the skeleton key, it does weird things to people. that voodoo stuff...