Friday, May 22, 2009

Fantabulous Friday!

Fantabulously Frugal

Well, no, not really... The weather is crappy, it's been raining all day, and I have nothing exciting going on. BUT! I do have a link to share that is pretty Fantabulous.... I have been following Fantabulously Frugal for the past few days, and I just love checking out the deals she posts on there! In addition to keeping everyone updated on all the greats deals going on, she also hosts lots of great giveaways (like right now she is doing  "31 days of Giveaways" and Giveaway #15 was for the cutest J Crew flip flops! That I sadly did not win...), and she has a special section just for entirely FREE stuff! I love free stuff.... I already applied for a free sample of some sunscreen that I found on her site, and she has also posted a link to download Coldplays new album for free! (FYI... it's not stealing, Coldplay actually put it out there for their fans!) My favorite post today was on Vista Print where they are offering lots of free paper products! They always have free stuff, and you usually just have to pay for shipping, but there are some extra things for free today. I can get 140 address labels for like 3 bucks! They also have business cards, note cards, letterhead, etc...
Check it out!

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