Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stupid People Sunday

Yesterday I was craving iced coffee. We had a coupon for a free McCafe iced coffee at McDonalds, so we went through the drive thru. Ed placed the order for a "Medium iced coffee, cream, 4 Splenda" and the response he got was "sir, we make our iced coffee with cream and sugar, does that mean you want Spenda instead of sugar?". Oh goodness.... already my mind went to stupid people Sunday, lol... So he said "yes", and she says "um, ok, so you want a medium iced coffee with 4 cream and 4 Splenda?" I told him at this point to just say yes because she would never figure out the cream thing. Normally they just put the normal amount of cream and however many sugar or splenda. So he said yes and we pull up, and watched her use sugar instead of Splenda. Whatever.  We hand her the coupon and she's like "uh, the McCafe is coming soon, we don't actually have that yet, I dont think I can take your coupon". Now, I'm not exactly sure what McCafe is, but I'm pretty sure iced coffee is iced coffee. Luckily, a nice person who wasn't stupid heard this conversation and "worked her magic" so to say on the register for us so that it was free. All this for my free medium iced coffee with 4 flippin cream and 4 squirts of sugar. grrrrrrrr.

You can't fix stupid....

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