Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This rain is for the ducks!

So here in lovely "Sunny South Florida" (hahahaha) we have been dealing with rain for DAYS now. I don't just mean sun showers, summertime afternoon rains, or anything of the mild sort... I mean - big time, full blown, nasty, torrential downpours! With thunder and lightning to boot!  It's pretty disgusting. I am all for some rain. Really. Lord knows our grass needed it! My lovely landscaping was starting to droop, my grass was crispy, and I was starting to wonder if my tomatoes were going to make it much longer (even though I water them every day). No need to do any watering this week! Now I'm worried that a few of my "Florida" plants that don't require much water, just lots of sunlight, might be in danger! Only time will tell.....

I was out of the house for most of the day today, and when I finally came home (after the afternoon torrential downpour) there was a duck.... in my front yard.... swimming.... in my GRASS! Now, let me just say that our "ducks" are nasty. They are not pretty, they are not cute, and they are not native. They are UGLY, and I dont think it should be illegal to kill them. (I'm just sayin'.....)

See? Look! Ew! Ugly! GROSS!!!! When I see people feed these disgusting monstronsities I just cringe!

Anyway, it was swimming in my front yard, and it was gross.

You know what else is gross about this flooding? My dog thinks it's just grand to tromp around in these puddles. Sometimes to chase birds, sometimes just because.... Maybe it's cool and refreshing? Maybe she's just weird? I vote weird. I try and try to keep her out of them, but being that we just let her out in the yard on her own to go potty, its hard to regulate. Now, the worst part of this is not that she smells like stanky water afterward. No... it's that she doesnt realize that she is covered in this stanky water/mud and runs into the house and slides across the tile, sometimes spraying mud off her legs in the process. It's hilarious, really, but it's not so much fun to try and keep the house clean when this is taking place every few hours. I will NOT give up on trying to teach her to wipe her paws on the mat before coming in.. I have, however, given up on trying to keep the floors clean. Don't stop by until this rain is gone, please. My house WILL be a disaster. You have been warned :)

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