Thursday, June 11, 2009

A "Catcher Upper"

I am definitely behind on updating my blogger friends!

I know I said I would tell you on Tuesday how my first day of school was, and how Ed's grandma was doing, but I have been SO busy this week, the only thing I have had time to post was giveaway links real quick! So sorry!

Anyway, here ya go... this is my "catcher upper" for ya.

Update#1 - School!
School is alright. I love that there is only 24 people in my class and therefore, my teacher already knows my name! And I'm already making friends! At my old school we had over 100 people when we started, and I'm pretty sure my teacher NEVER knew my name. My teacher is really strict, and structured, but I think it's a good thing. Other than the fact that I'm not allowed to have my sunglasses on my head, chew gum, or drink Coke or coffee in class. :( Does she not realize that my well-being and alertness depends on caffeine!?!?!?!?!?!? grrr..... The content is pretty much a review so far, and therefore I am terribly bored in class. AND I look like a smarty pants because I answer so many questions. I'm really trying hard not to look like a know it all... but I can't stand it when teachers try to get the class to interact and everyone just sits there with a blank look on their face afraid to speak up. It's such a waste of time!!!! Therefore, I answer questions and look smart. Whatever. The one thing I'm really having trouble getting used to (other than my caffeine restrictions) is going to school EVERY day of the week from 8-2:30! I haven't had to do that in 6 years or so! It's so wierd to have something to do every single day,it makes the days fly by so fast, AND we have homework. Well... sorta.... It's not anything we have to turn in, but we should do it anyway. It's where that whole class participation thing comes in.... We are given an "outline" of sorts and a list of key terms that we are supposed to complete before lecture so that lecture itself is more of a review and you can ask questions and participate in class. It really is a great idea, and it pushes me not to slack (which I need) but it sure is time consuming! It's also a big change for me since I'm used to working at my own pace. Oh well... I'll get over it all. We had our first test today, and Clinicals at the hospital tomorrow so I don't have any homework and I actually have time to blog a bit! I won't get my grade back until some time next week, but I think I did pretty well. The questions are definitely written at a much lower level than what I'm used to. Hopefully that means good things for me....

Update #2 - Grandma
Surgery went alright. It took much longer than they had anticipated for some reason and it had us all on edge. A predicted 2 hours took over 3 1/2. Not for any particular reason apparently, it just did. (not that they thought it was necessary to update the family when it ran over.... grrr) They accomplished what they needed to by putting in screws where a vertebra had crumbled up, and they biopsied that "spot", but the surgeon doesn't suspect it's anything. He thinks its just the way the bone showed up on the MRI. Watching her in recovery was so sad. She was in so much pain and couldn't get comfortable and there was nothing we could do about it. We worked with the nurses and tried to move her in all kinds of positions and nothing would ease it..... She is doing much better now. I went and saw her yesterday. Even though she was still in agony and was complaining that she didn't think it was all worth it, she looked tons better and I think she just needs time to heal. It's going to be a slow process, and she will likely be in the hospital for some time making sure she can get back to her old self and continue with her daily routines like she always has. She is one tough cookie!

So anyway.. between all this school adjusting and time at the hospital, my blog has been neglected. As well as my house! I just cleaned the floors and vaccumed the couch, and man did it need it! Soooo nasty! We have had two dogs and a boyfriend running around this place with nasty muddy feet from the nasty muddy ground outside from the nasty icky thunderstorms! Bluck! Oh... that's the other thing I did this week.... Picked up Mom, Steve, and Derek from the airport and gave them back their dog! Now there is only one muddy puppy running around this place. Who coincidentally went and body surfed in the mud the day after I gave her a bath. I just never ends....

I have done my blogging duties. I am now off to do the dishes that have been piling up, put away laundry, make dinner, organize my stuff for clinicals tomorrow, and maybe read ahead for school? hahaha... ok, so I might not get to that last one. I sure am going to try though!!!

See why I'm ready for the weekend??!?!?!?!?!

(don't forget to check out all the way cool giveaways going on right now.... as well as my mom's blog. She is definitely due for a new post, but I have seen some of the stuff she is working on lately and I think it's going to be a good one!!!!)


  1. You look like the smarty pants because you ARE a smarty! The rest of them are MOrons :)

  2. Great post! And, I'll get to mine, hopefully tomorrow...or, at this point, that would be later today...and Paigey is right,you ARE a smarty pants! (and I mean that in a GOOD WAY! )