Saturday, June 20, 2009


Being that we live so far out west and near the Everglades, it's of no surprise to me that we have some interesting visitors in our yard from time to time. We have lots and lots of birds (Blue Jays, Grackles, Mocking Birds, etc...), Hummingbirds (aka Florida mosquitoes), tree frogs in the pool, lizards of all sorts (including big ol' iguanas), and things that that. None of those are really unusual to find in South Florida. But I have started compiling a mental list of all the really cool things that pop up too and I thought I would share it with you.... I feel like I need to carry a camera with me every time I walk outside!
*I haven't taken these pictures, but I'm including them so you can see what I'm talkin' about*

We have been visited frequently by Cardinals lately. They are so pretty!

And Orioles! I think I have only ever seen one in South Florida before, and I've lived here my whole life!

Don't forget the grey racer I saw not that long ago.

(I actually took this picture.)

We get Ibis's after the rain.... (not that unusual, but still really cool)

Everyone remember's Zoey's encounter with a turtle, right?

(I took this one too.)

The other night I was letting the dogs out, and there was a ground owl on the fence

When Ed and I take walks at night, we almost always see little bats flying around

We have these wierd bugs called click beetles. The spots in the picture actually glow green at night, making them look like lightening bugs. It's so wierd! And when you flip them on their backs, they click and flip back over. Strangest, freakiest, little critters ever! lol

And my inspiration for this post... as I was walking out back with the dogs not even an hour ago, a possum peeked his little head around the corner from our neighbors backyard and then walked away when he saw me with the dogs. It was almost cute. Except I think they are the ugliest rodent ever...

Makes you wanna come live out near the everglades, huh?
No alligators yet... but I'm not letting my guard down!

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  1. Wow! Yeah I don't think I will be coming any time soon :)
    Cute blog!