Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggity jog....

Yup, that's right.... I'm back. I'm not happy about it either! The weather down here is disgusting! On the bright side... I had a GREAT time in Kentucky! I got to spend a lot of time with my awesome family, attended an awesome wedding, and brought home AWESOME memories. My time up there was short, but we sure did cram a lot into it!!! We flew in on Friday morning, had lunch at my favorite Kentucky restaurant (Rafferty's), my mom and I immediately ran off to get our hair cut by this crazy lady that talks too much, and then came home to share one bathroom with 6 people and get ready for the rehearsal dinner! Saturday morning my mom got up early to go help my aunt set up, and I got up and started early on bridal party duties! First stop, a spiffy little poofy updo! Then we were off to get purty and take photos! The photography journey took us on a short little hike in 3 inch heels to the golf course where we sweated our butts off, almost got hit with golf balls, got hollered at, and jumped fences. The trip ended with some really, really, sore feet hours before the ceremony even started, but her photographer got some AMAZING photos! Check out the sneak peak! The ceremony was beautiful, the food was great, and the reception was tons of fun!!!! Sunday was a day of rest and more family fun. We had a BBQ at my grandparents house and some more family members came over... and on Monday we went to the National Corvette Museum so Ed could drool over some hot lookin' cars that we will never own, lol.... While we were there, I got a pretty exciting phone call that led to my adventures today!!! (I'll get to that in a min...) After all that, we headed on down to Nashville to catch our flight home to nasty, muggy, rainy, gross Ft. Lauderdale. 

I don't have many pictures to share just yet because my Step-dad took tons and tons, but they are still up in Ky on his computer.... and I am not there. I do have some to share though, and I'll have more next week. 
My beautiful cousin and her new Husband

The ceremony....

The bridal party during the ceremony

My family and I (minus my step-dad because he is always BEHIND the camera!)

Paige and Jason with my Aunt and Uncle

Hope you are havin' a GREAT time in Mexico!!!!!

OH! So... that phone call? It was from the director of the Practical Nursing Department at McFatter Tech to ask me if I was still interested in an open spot in their program! You guessed it... I said yes!!! Today I went over there and picked up my acceptance letter, paid for my classes, and got my books and ugly uniforms. No really, they are pretty ugly.... white pants, teal scrub tops with a collar, ew! Whatever... I'm not out there to impress anyone, I just want to be a nurse! Classes start June 8th, so it's time to crack them books again!!!!!!!


  1. yay your home and boo you didn't get to stay long. Her pictures look so good though!

    Would it be easier if you took pictures of your patio and shed and sendt them to me? You know how we are about actually seeing each other, and I have your bachelorette invite here too!

  2. Amy, I can't tell you how happy you made Paigey by being her bridesmaid :) She called this morning and (of course the conversation turned to the wedding) was telling me how sweet and helpful you were to her and about you going all the way upstairs to get her some advil, because her back was hurting. We are so glad you came, and hope you get to come back soon.

  3. That's what bridesmaids are for! (but I would have done it anyway....) I was thrilled to be a part of it too, and I can't wait to come back! I think school is going to tie me up for a while though, so ya'll should make a trip down here :)