Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Funny - Say No to Crack!

Last week I was introducing my mom to blogger and showing her the ropes and stuff.... so I was scrolling through all of my previous posts and all of the sudden this picture (click here if you over the age of 15 and are curious.... im not going to upload it, because I was terrified to see it in the first place, and can't bare to have something so inappropriate on MY blog! lol) Apparently... my "direct link" to a web based picture of my crackberry had changed to a different kind of "crack" without my knowledge. It appeared normal on Google images until you went to "see full size image" and then you were in for a big surprise! Not that I didn't get a laugh out of it, but WOW talk about a shock! I can't even begin to explain the look on my mom and I's faces when that popped up. Did anyone else notice this before and not tell me???? This experience was just too funny not to share...

Lesson learned - do not use direct web links to photos... save them to your pc and upload them to avoid a shock like this! 

P.S. In case you were wondering... I have changed the picture on that post. It is now G rated once again.

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