Monday, June 22, 2009

Mutt Monday!

Oh how I love the many ways my silly puppy sleeps. It's almost impossible to walk past her and not smile or chuckle at the crazy positions she comes up with. This week for Mutt Monday, I have put together a collection for you, so you can have a little chuckle or crack a little smile too!

She always looks like she is trying SOOOO hard.
A headrest?
Stiff as a board...
Hey look! Our guest is back! So they both kindda woke up when I snapped this..... but they WERE sleeping.
And of course... here she is showing off her latest talent. Sleeping while sitting up!

Even though I have seen it a million times, it still makes me smile. How about you?

As always.... don't forget to check out Two Dog's, a Girl, and a Husband's Grace (the original creator of Mutt Monday) to see what Gidget and Riley are up this week, and enter your info in Mr. Linky if you participated!

1 comment:

  1. I am seriously impressed with that last trick. If only I could use it at work!