Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Fabulous Friday!

This is my first time participating in Fabulous Friday, but hopefully not my last!

Well, That's Just Fabulous hosts "Fabulous Friday" every week. Each week has a new theme, and this week's theme is Fabulous Photos! I love taking pictures and so this is right down my alley! I hope you enjoy! and participate too!

This photo of Jess, Cilla, and I was taken quite a few years ago at the Chili Cookoff. I haven't been in at least 3 years, so it's definitely older than that!

My man in uniform and his sister :) This picture is great and couldn't do a better job expressing their personalities.

I love concerts! This is Me, our friend Chad, Ed, and his brother Mikey pre-gaming in the limo on the way to see Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and Seether. (this was before we realized we had forgotten the tickets and had to go back home to get them... and refill the cooler of course!)

My mom and my godmother sippin on some wine celebrating my 21st birthday with me a few years ago.
While they were doing that... Kimmy and I were sippin' on my GIANT Margarita!

I'm just pretty much in love with this picture. I have it framed and placed in a very viewable spot in my house, and I never get tired of looking at it. I think I've shared it before, and I'll probably share it again. It's us, doing one of the things we love the most, having an awesome time together on a Sunday afternoon in South Florida. :)

Oh my gosh, I had the hardest time picking which pictures to post! I have so many FABULOUS photos I would love to share!

If you enjoy looking at mine (or even if you don't) head on over to her blog where she has a Mr. Linky set up to view other particpant's pages as well!


  1. haha i love that picture of the three of us at the cookoff, and imagine my suprise when I open my google reader and see myself staring back at me :)

  2. btw, the color font is hard to read...

  3. hahaha... I've been working on my layout this morning, you probably saw it when I was changing things around. How's the font now?