Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Swap Goodies

I had so much fun participating in Sweet Tea Diaries summer swap. As I told you all before, I had the most awesome swap partner, Jordan... and I can finally reveal what I sent to her!

Here are all the goodies wrapped up.... (I have to admit that I had a lot of fun wrapping all this stuff up!)
Then I stuffed it all inside a great bag my mom made especially for Jordan. (Isn't it cute? My mom is so talented! I want her to make me one too!!!!)

And... check out Jordan's blog for all the details about what was INSIDE. ;-)

Here is the great Guac recipe I sent her. It's the only thing I make that Ed specifically asks for on a regular basis. He then proceeds to eat it all in one sitting.
Hope you enjoy it too! It's soooo yummy.
(p.s. I forgot to mention - make sure that the avocado's are the big "normal" ones, and not those wierd small ones they seem to have in stores these days. I'm sure they would work, but since they are smaller, you will probably need more than 2. I've never made it with those. If you do, let me know what you think!)

I still laugh about all the things Jordan and I have in common... We both thought of, and included, each other's doggies, and we both bought each other our favorite lip products! So wierd!

Thank you again Angela for hosting this swap, Mom for helping me have some cool stuff to send, and Jordan for sending me some cool stuff too!!!!!

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  1. I had fun making these things for your swap...and I'd love to make another one just for you...I was just as excited to hear from her as you were and kept checkng her blog all morning! Thanks for letting me participate with you, it was a lot of fun!